Smoke Detector Hidden Camera WiFi


This smoke detector camera is far from ordinary. The fake smoke detector houses a mini Wi-Fi camera that enables real-time video streaming globally.

①.Flexible Mounting, Remote Viewing
②.Up to 6 Months Standby Time
③.Full HD 1080p Video
④.Night Vision up to 5 Meters
⑤.Live Recording via App or onto SD Card (Supports up to 128GB)

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This smoke detector camera is anything but ordinary. The faux smoke detector houses a WiFi-enabled mini camera, enabling global real-time video streaming. The motion-activated cam recorder boasts a wide-angle lens, ideal for home and office surveillance. With video and sound recording, this CCTV camera ensures peace of mind, safeguarding your home effectively.

√Smoke Detector Camouflage
Disguised as a smoke detector, this camera goes unnoticed
√2.0MP FHD 1080×720 Wide Angle Lens
The concealed CCTV camera offers a clear 120-degree view for home or office surveillance. Its discreet lens ensures effective protection.
√Long Lasting Battery
Operate the camera with the remote control, and it lasts up to 180 days in Stand-By mode.
√Real-time Streaming Via Your Phone or Tablet
Access the camera through a smartphone app, keeping it inconspicuous and secure.
√Night Vision
Equipped with night vision, the smoke detector works in low light conditions.
√Mobile Connectivity
Control and view from your mobile device through the smoke detector’s Wi-Fi camera.


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