Disguised as a smoke detector, this device holds a concealed WiFi camera and DVR for covert surveillance. It streams and records 4K resolution video. Access real-time video or record through the dedicated app on Android or iOS smartphones. Select between DVR or WiFi camera functionality. Motion detection recording prevents unnecessary footage. Instant email or app alerts notify you of detected movement. The unit functions in low light conditions of 1 lux or more. All videos are timestamped. Manage footage directly from the app, no need to change microSD cards. Additionally, it’s hardwired, eliminating battery concerns.

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√Discreetly surveil with a fake smoke detector housing a concealed WiFi camera and DVR.
√Stream and record in 4K resolution.
√Access real-time video or record using the app on Android or iOS smartphones.
√Choose between DVR or WiFi functionality.
√Instantly receive email or app alerts upon motion detection.
√Operates in low light conditions of 1 lux or higher.
√Equipped with 128GB internal storage.
√All video files feature time and date stamps.
√Effortlessly manage footage through the app, eliminating microSD card concerns.
√Unit is hardwired, eliminating battery worries.
√Video Stream Resolutions: 4K, 1080P, 720P
√Recording Resolution: 720P
√Viewing Angle: 120°
√Recording Modes: Continuous and motion detection
√Storage: Internal 128GB
√Compatible With: Mac OS 10 & up, Android 5.0 & up, Apple iOS 7 & up
√Lifetime Limited Warranty
√Note: BB4KWiFi units require router pairing for live stream access.
√App includes optional audio recording setting (verify local laws before enabling)
√Minor styling variations may occur from depicted image.
√This device supports only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Networks.
√We cannot guarantee connectivity with all routers; some networks may have restrictions on remote camera access due to security measures. This might apply to certain settings like hotels, corporate networks, 4G hotspots, open Wi-Fi networks (e.g., Starbucks), etc.


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