Live 4G Listening Voice Recorder | Disguised Power Bank


The 4G Voice Recorder masquerades as a working power bank, ensuring inconspicuous recording of conversations. With 4G LTE support, it enables remote access to high-quality audio through a mobile connection. It additionally features sound detection, triggering automatic calls or SMS notifications upon detecting sounds.

①.Integrated 4G LTE Module
②.Detects sounds up to 20 meters
③.Auto Alerts via Calls & Texts
④.Efficient Rapid Charger

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Streamlined Design
Our discreet and slim voice recorder seamlessly blends into everyday objects, ensuring inconspicuousness.
Automatic Sound Detection
Instantly receive calls or texts upon detecting a voice or sound.
Remote Audio Recorder
Stream recordings through a 4G SIM Card Connection.
Functional Power Bank
Efficiently charge devices while gathering evidence.
Rapid 18W Charging
10000mAh Battery Capacity

This 4G-connected device serves as a power bank with hidden features. It’s voice-activated from up to 20 meters away, allowing remote use. Its outward appearance resembles an ordinary power bank, maintaining your privacy.

✅ Genuine 10,000mAh power bank
✅Remote audio monitoring
✅Capture audio discreetly, without removing your phone
✅Disguised: Appears as a regular power bank
✅Charge your devices while on the move


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