Awaretech MQ-U350 Mini USB Drive Voice Recorder


Capture pristine audio using this compact Flash Drive Voice Recorder! Featuring a simple one-button control for easy start/stop recording, its battery can record up to 24 hours of audio on a single charge. Alternatively, employ the voice-activated recording mode for up to 25 days of standby, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. All of this comes in the form of an 8GB flash drive that is both portable and practical.

√Fully Operational USB Flash Drive
Functions as Storage for Audio and Files
√Voice-Activated and Continuous Recording Modes
Simple One-Button Activation for Manual Recording
√24 Hours of Continuous Recording, 25 Days on Standby
Internal Memory Holds up to 576 Hours of Recordings

They say there are two types of people: those who always have a flash drive at hand and those who wish they did. Jokes aside, portable storage is undeniably handy. When this discreet-looking flash drive is left lying around, it draws no suspicion, making it perfect for inconspicuous recording across various scenarios.

With an impressive 25 days of standby time, the voice-activated recording mode enables you to “set and forget.” It activates only when detecting sounds above 60 decibels, making it ideal for dictating notes, monitoring spaces, or even capturing nighttime mutterings.

For manual use, the MQ-350’s discrete one-button activation simplifies recording control. Its robust battery ensures a full day of continuous recording on a single charge. The built-in loop easily attaches to your lanyard or keychain, allowing you to carry it wherever you go.

If you’re seeking a powerful, crystal-clear audio recorder that can be discreetly carried anywhere, this covert flash drive exceeds expectations.


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