Awaretech MQ-L500 Magnetic Power Bank Voice Recorder With Long Battery Life


Elevate your audio recording with the MQ-L500 Power Bank Voice Recorder. Serving as a functional mobile charging hub, this device not only fuels your phone but also operates as a covert audio recorder. With voice-activated recording and capacity for 14 days of continuous recording or 150 days on standby, this versatile tool is consistently prepared for action.

①.Power your device, capture conversations, or accomplish both simultaneously
②.Record continuously for 14 days
③.Equipped with 16GB internal memory for up to 576 hours of audio
④.Features continuous and voice-activated recording modes

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√Functional Portable Charger
Efficient Battery Charges Mobile Devices
√Voice-Activated and Continuous Recording Modes
Time/Date Stamps for Accurate Documentation
√14 Days of Continuous Recording, 150 on Standby
Internal Memory Holds up to 576 Hours of Recordings

With the prevalence of mobile devices, having a charging station handy is always wise. The MQ-L500 stands out as an inconspicuous yet brilliant audio recorder, seamlessly fitting into any scenario and accompanying you everywhere.

Its capacity to charge mobile phones implies remarkable battery life, which this unit delivers effortlessly. When fully charged, the MQ-L500 can record continuous audio for up to 15 days without interruption or battery depletion. However, the voice-activated recording mode, capturing exactly what you need, is the standout feature. On a full charge, it can remain on standby for up to 150 days.

For storage, the 16GB internal flash memory suffices. With around 36 hours of audio per gig, you can accommodate up to 576 hours, equivalent to around 24 days of audio before needing to clear space. Holding a maximum of 9,999 files, the MQ-L500 can also serve as a personal flash drive, accommodating various documents and audio.

The MQ-L500 proves to be a versatile tool even beyond its audio recording capabilities. Its constant usefulness ensures it’s always within reach when needed.


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