Anti Spy RF Bug Detector (GPS TRACKER, CAMERAS)


Stay ahead of potential privacy breaches with this RF bug detector. Versatile and efficient, it identifies various spy and monitoring devices, ensuring your security, that of your loved ones, and safeguarding confidential information.


Flexible Detection Capability
This bug detector excels at pinpointing various spy equipment
Enhanced Sensitivity
Equipped with advanced sensing circuits, it ensures no spy devices go unnoticed
Compact and Portable Design
Pocket-sized and portable, take this bug detector wherever you need it
User-Friendly Interface
From control to precise detection, its interface is incredibly user-friendly
Rechargeable Power
Battery-operated and rechargeable, offering independent operation

Detect a Range of Spy Gadgets
Discover unparalleled versatility in this bug detector. It identifies wired and wireless cameras, GPS trackers, 2G to 4G GSM listening devices, and even other 2.4 GHz wireless devices.

Proximity Alerts
The bug detector provides signal level indicators, along with audible and vibration alarms, indicating your proximity to spy devices.

Convenience On the Go
Weighing just 200 grams, this bug detector easily fits in pockets, bags, briefcases, or pouches.

User-Friendly Interface
Intuitively designed with a user-friendly interface, accompanied by an easy-to-follow manual.

Fast Charging, Long Operation
The RF bug detector features a built-in 950 mAh rechargeable battery, charging in under 3 hours. A charging cable and additional accessories are included.

Versatile Privacy Assurance
This wireless anti-spy detector efficiently identifies cameras, GPS trackers, GSM listening devices, and other wireless monitoring devices. Its portable design makes it suitable for home, office, vehicle, or temporary locations like hotel rooms, ensuring your privacy wherever you are.


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