4G Portable GPS Asset & Vehicle Tracker


①.Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
②.Compatible with various Australian 4G service providers (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, etc.)
③.Versatile usage – not limited to vehicles; attach anywhere with the provided magnet clip!
④.Average battery life of 10 days
⑤.Secure and track any asset with this portable, weatherproof tracker

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Experience our Durable and Portable Asset Tracker built for rugged environments. Monitor your vehicle or assets using this small yet powerful tracking solution equipped with a sizable 6,000mAh battery. Simple to set up, and loaded with an array of features like real-time tracking, historical route recording, and geo-fencing.

Robust Magnet
This 4G GPS Tracker boasts the strongest magnet in our lineup.
IPX5 Dust and Water Resistance
Designed for resilience, it performs flawlessly even in tough conditions.
Accurate Location Tracking
With GPS accuracy within meters, tracking your belongings is seamless.
Instant Tamper Alerts
Receive instant notifications if tampering is detected with the 4G GPS Tracker.
Effortless Setup
Designed for easy installation on any surface, this 4G asset tracker requires no wiring. Simply attach it and tracking begins automatically.
3-Year Standby Battery (Power Saving Mode)
When stationary, the GPS tracker maintains a 3-year standby battery life.
High Durability
Engineered from impact-resistant polycarbonate housing, this tracker is perfect for construction sites or warehouses.

4G Portable GPS Asset & Vehicle Tracker
Real-time, Accurate Tracking
Through this 4G GPS Tracker, you acquire precise, live GPS data. Its connectivity to the robust Telstra network or a network of your choice guarantees constant knowledge of your property’s location.

Simple Self-Installation
Securely install the 4G GPS Tracker yourself for hassle-free setup. Adhesive pads are provided for non-magnetic surfaces.

Tamper Alerts
Instant notifications are sent via the mobile app if tampering is attempted. The magnet’s strength impedes access.

Control via Phone
Receive a FREE, lifetime subscription to the tracking app with the 4G GPS Tracker. Set up alerts, geo-fences, and notifications within the app. Stay informed if the tracked vehicle moves outside designated zones. Live data and historical information for up to three months are accessible.


A separate SIM card is essential for the GPS Tracker and must be obtained and activated at your expense.
Activate the SIM with a mobile plan including calls, texts, and data (2-3GB/month recommended) to ensure accurate location data transmission.

Purchasing this GPS Tracker from The Spy Store includes a lifetime product subscription to Tracksolid Pro tracking software platform. For technical assistance using Tracksolid Pro with your GPS Tracker, have your order number and device IMEI ready before contacting our support team.

NOTE: The waterproof design may require a power screwdriver for initial device setup and opening.


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