4G Portable Car GPS Tracker


①.Includes a lifetime TracksolidPro license
②.Portable 4G tracker with strong magnet and included adhesives
③.Average battery life of 15-20 days
④.Effortlessly add and track multiple GPS trackers under a single account

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Experience discreet and precise tracking for your vehicle, boat, or valuable possession using the 4G Portable Car GPS Tracker. Its robust magnet and accurate GPS data ensure your satisfaction.

Powerful Magnet
This 4G GPS Tracker boasts the strongest magnet in our lineup.
Accurate GPS Data
With a few meters of GPS accuracy, precise tracking is assured.
Instant Tamper Alerts
Immediate alerts notify you of any tampering attempts with the GPS Tracker.
Operates on Telstra Network
Exclusively compatible with the Telstra network for reliable cellular connectivity.
3-Year Standby Battery (Power Saving Mode)
In non-moving situations, the tracker maintains a 3-year standby battery life.
Durable Build
Designed to withstand dust and water, this car GPS tracker is resilient.

4G Portable Car GPS Tracker
Real-time, Accurate Tracking
Obtain accurate live GPS data through this 4G GPS Tracker, linked to the robust Telstra network.

Easy Self-Installation
Effortlessly attach this GPS tracker to your vehicle without professional assistance. Adhesive pads are included for non-magnetic surfaces.

Instant Tamper Alerts
Receive real-time notifications via the mobile app if tampering occurs. The strong magnet will impede unauthorized access.

Control via Phone
The 4G GPS Tracker includes a FREE, lifetime subscription to the tracking app. Set alerts, geo-fences, and receive notifications if the vehicle leaves designated areas. Live and historical data are accessible.

Telstra Network Coverage
Operational exclusively on the Telstra network, renowned for its reliable connection and extensive coverage.


A separate SIM card is necessary for the GPS Tracker and must be obtained and activated at your own expense.
Activate the SIM with a mobile plan including calls, texts, and data (2-3GB/month recommended) for proper transmission of location data.

When purchased from The Spy Store, this GPS Tracker includes a lifetime product subscription to Tracksolid Pro tracking software platform. For technical support related to Tracksolid Pro and your GPS Tracker, have your order number and device IMEI available before reaching out to our support team.


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