4G Magnetic GPS Tracker


①.Includes a lifetime license
②.Average battery life of 15-20 days
③.Perfect for personal use
④.Portable tracker with integrated magnet

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Monitor your vehicle, boat, cargo, and beyond using the 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker. This car GPS tracker transmits real-time, precise GPS information to your phone. The 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker discreetly tracks your chosen subject effortlessly, while maintaining an extended battery life through its continuous power-saving mode.

Precision GPS Data
Experience accuracy within a few meters with the GPS data.
Rapid 4G Connectivity
Quickly access precise GPS data through the robust 4G network.
Secure Magnet
Once attached to a car, this magnet remains firmly in place.
Instant Tamper Alerts
Receive immediate notifications if the device is tampered with.
Free Tracking App
View real-time GPS data conveniently on the user-friendly app.
Extended Battery Life
Lasts 15-20 days in Continuous Power Saving Mode, up to 60 days.

Accurate GPS Data
The Magnetic GPS Tracker provides live GPS data with accuracy to within a few meters. This device ensures you can effortlessly pinpoint your vehicle’s precise location.

4G Network Connection
Utilizing the 4G mobile network guarantees swift access to accurate GPS data. By choosing a 4G-connected device, you ensure long-lasting relevance.

Instant Tamper Alerts
Instant notifications reach your phone if any tampering is detected. Notifications are also dispatched for over-speed, movement, and low battery, sent either through SMS or the app.

Create Custom Geo-Fences
Within the tracking app, establish personalized geo-fences. Receive immediate alerts if the Magnetic GPS Tracker-equipped vehicle enters or exits these designated zones.


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